5 Must-Have Apps for Your Car

Posted By: Shamara Glover on

With other things that keep us occupied such as jobs, household, and family schedules, it’s difficult to prioritize our vehicle. However, there are apps that can help keep track of maintenance, security, navigation, and safety to help make our lives easier.

5 Tips for a Successful Summer Road Trip

Posted By: Amy Casey on

Road trips are a popular American past-time. Why? There is so much to see in America! While some people prefer a more traditional vacation on the beach, many enjoy the open road and one-of-a-kind sights that come along with it.

Light it Up: 3 Easy Tasks to Maintain Your Headlights

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Just because your headlights power on, doesn’t mean they are in great shape. Your headlights are a crucial safety feature that not only help you see the road, but help others to see your vehicle as well. With just a few easy maintenance tasks, you can actually help improve their performance:

5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Car for the Long Winter Ahead

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From frigid temperatures to black ice on roadways, winter months certainly put our vehicles to the test. The last thing you want to happen is for your vehicle to break down in below zero temperatures or freezing rain.

Why Proper Tire Inflation is So Important

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Maintaining the appropriate PSI tire pressure on all of your vehicle’s tires is a critical element of overall car maintenance. Not only does improper inflation cost you money in the long run from wear and tear, it also makes driving more dangerous.

5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Car this Winter

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If you’re in the habit of keeping up with a clean car, than winter months are most likely your worst nightmare! Between the frigid temperatures, snow, slush, ice and salt, you may not even be able to recognize your vehicle from across the way.

Are Your Tires Ready for Winter?

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Temperatures are already dropping. Before you know it, we will be faced with stressful commutes through snow, ice and slush. Your tires are the boots of your vehicle, trucking through the vicious weather to get you to your destination safely.