5 Dangerous Mistakes Drivers Make in Work Zones

Posted By: Shamara Glover on
There are numerous fatalities linked to work zones each year. Many injuries and deaths are linked to drivers and passengers – not just workers. It is everyone’s responsibility to use extreme caution when driving through work zones, drivers need to pay close attention and avoid making these dangerous mistakes:

5 Potential Risk Areas in Hotels that Need Special Attention

Posted By: Amy Casey on

Hotels owe a high duty of care to their guests and should do everything reasonably possible to ensure the premises is safe. Some areas requiring special attention include:

5 Tips for Carving the Best Pumpkin this Halloween

Posted By: Amy Casey on

Pumpkin carving is one thing that will get anyone in the Halloween mood! Whether you’re carving something simple with your little ones or entering a carving competition, we’ve got the right tips to carve one of your best pumpkins yet: