9 Important Things to Consider When Finishing Your Basement

Posted By: Amy Casey on March 16, 2023

A finished basement can make a significant impact on the available living space in your home. If you’re dreaming of a new home theater, workout room, home office, etc. – this post is for you!

Understanding Personal Data, How It’s Used, and How to Protect It

Posted By: Amy Casey on January 19, 2023

3 Overlooked Areas That Require Snow Removal on Your Property

Posted By: Amy Casey on January 13, 2023

Living in the Midwest means living with the possibility of having to wake up at 4 a.m. to shovel and remove snow from your property. We all know we need to clear our driveways to get around, but there are a few other areas around your property often overlooked that require snow removal as well:

Controlling Public Access to Employee-Only Spaces

Posted By: Shamara Glover on November 15, 2022

There are certain steps and precautions that can be made to prevent the event of public access to an employee-only area. The reason why these areas should be limited to employee access only is to avoid any injuries, accidents, or risk of security breaches that could occur if someone from the public was to gain entry.

Barn Fires: 5 Safety Considerations

Posted By: Amy Casey on November 10, 2022

Barn fires are often one of the most tragic losses a farmowner could experience. Aside from losing valuable equipment and the building itself, barn fires typically result in loss of human life and animals as well.

4 Signs of Chimney Fires & How to Prevent Them

Posted By: Amy Casey on September 29, 2022

Chimney fires can quickly go from bad to worse, so knowing the signs of a chimney fire in progress is crucial for homeowners who utilize wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Hotel Guest Experience

Posted By: Amy Casey on August 25, 2022

Every hotel thrives on returning business and great reviews. Meeting and exceeding your guests’ expectations is a golden standard in the hospitality industry because it makes the greatest impact on your business.

5 Potential Risk Areas in Hotels that Need Special Attention

Posted By: Amy Casey on August 25, 2022

Hotels owe a high duty of care to their guests and should do everything reasonably possible to ensure the premises is safe. Some areas requiring special attention include:

5 Types of Insurance Auto Shop Owners Need

Posted By: Amy Casey on August 18, 2022

Auto shops are unique businesses that operate on numerous levels. No matter the specialty, or services provided, all auto shops face risks from simply running day-to-day operations.

3 Safety Considerations for Children Biking to School

Posted By: Amy Casey on August 3, 2022

If your home is in close proximity to your child’s school, you may opt to allow them to walk or bike to school.