Insurance 101: Protecting Property Located in Self Storage

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Insurance 101: Protecting Property Located in Self Storage

Homeowners may utilize storage units for a variety of reasons, but most likely, they simply don’t have enough room in their household for additional property. Most storage units require you to carry insurance for the protection of your property, with rare exceptions.  

Why Do I Need Coverage for Property Stored in Self Storage?

Just like the property inside of your home, property inside of your storage unit is also susceptible to damage and theft. We protect our belongings for two reasons: 1) it holds monetary value; 2) it holds sentimental value. While an insurance policy can’t replace your grandfather’s antique watch, it can restore your pocketbook!

Am I Already Covered Through My Homeowners Policy?

Hey, good question! Yes, you are, to an extent. With many carriers, homeowners automatically receive coverage for up to 10% of their personal property limit listed on the policy or $1,000 (whichever is greater) for personal property located off-premises1.

If the value of your stored items is greater than your off-premises coverage, you might consider additional options to further protect your belongings. High ticket items such as furnishings, artwork, etc. can quickly add up. You may want to purchase scheduled personal property coverage to specifically protect those items.  

Be sure to discuss the types of property located in your storage unit with your local insurance independent agent. They can help you select a higher insurance limit for property located in a self-storage facility if you require it, or guide you through other property protection options.

What is covered?

Not all coverage is the same, so be sure to check your policy first. Most homeowners’ policies will generally cover your personal belongings against several kinds of loss or damage2:

  • Explosion
  • Fire or lightning
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Windstorm or hail

What isn’t covered?

Standard homeowners’ policies do not provide coverage for natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or mudslides. You may consider purchasing additional insurance for natural disasters if you live in an area where these threats are more frequent. Ask your local independent insurance agent for guidance.

We work hard for our possessions, and you stored your property for a reason – to keep it safe. Learn more about protecting your property on our At Home blog today!

1,2; *The information contained in this flyer is designed for advertising purposes only and in no way alters, modifies, or extends the terms, coverages, conditions, and exclusions contained in your policy. Please refer to your policy for specific details.

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