Every day, some of the best drivers are involved in some of the worst auto accidents. About 4.57 million people were injured and 40,100 lives were lost in 2017 alone – you can help to lower this statistic.

Defensive driving is a technique that saves lives, time and money every day by reducing collisions. Defensive drivers are mindful of road conditions at all times and anticipate any potential hazards they might encounter. By recognizing things like the slowing traffic ahead or the bad weather that’s altering road conditions, you can potentially stop an accident from ever happening in the first place.

Defensive Driving Techniques

The U.S. Department of Transportation has verified that more than 90% of all vehicle crashes are the result of driver error. This should be the driving force behind your decision to take your life into your own hands rather than leaving it up to your fellow drivers – by driving defensively. Some examples of defensive driving techniques to practice include:

  • Checking your mirrors frequently and scanning the road as far ahead as you can
  • Increasing your distance from aggressive or swerving drivers
  • Avoiding blind spots of other drivers and making sure you’re always visible to them
  • Eliminating distractions like texting/calling, eating, grooming, etc.
  • Maintaining a calm and positive attitude while you’re behind the wheel and avoiding road rage
  • Recognizing possible escape routes in the event a driver in front of you suddenly slams on their brakes, someone runs a red light or a vehicle drifts into your lane
  • Making defensive driving a habit

Defensive Driving Courses

If you really want to polish your defensive driving skills, and save money on your auto insurance, you could complete a certified defensive driving course.

The particulars of defensive driving courses can differ from state to state because they are tailored around local laws, but they generally provide similar information, such as:

  • Statistics relating to traffic collisions that educate you on driver behavior.
  • How to overcome psychological road blocks like drowsiness, road rage or anxiety. Most courses also include various techniques used to improve your attitude, focus and awareness behind the wheel.
  • The effects that drugs and/or alcohol have on your judgement and motor skills. Most courses will touch on state laws regarding blood alcohol levels, along with the legal ramifications behind being found guilty for driving while intoxicated.
  • Why car safety equipment such as air bags, seat belts, child safety seats and head rests are so important.
  • Insights on how speed, point of impact and vehicle size can affect the severity of a collision.
  • Traffic laws specific to your state.

Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits of taking a defensive driving course is significantly improving your driving skills and driving more carefully behind the wheel. You’ll feel more at-ease about the dangers surrounding you on a daily basis.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Depending on the state you reside and your age, completing a defensive driving course could save you up to 5% on specific coverages under your auto insurance policy with Rockford Mutual!

A Break on Driving Violations  

Conditional to your state, taking a defensive driving course can help to reduce fines associated with a traffic ticket and offset ticket points on your driving record. These courses can even aid certain offenders in avoiding a revoked drivers license altogether.

You know what they say, better safe than sorry! Practicing defensive driving is one of many ways to ensure your safety behind the wheel. Talk to your local Rockford Mutual Insurance Agent today about our Defensive Driving Course Discount!

You know what they say, better safe than sorry! Practicing defensive driving is one of many ways to ensure your safety behind the wheel. Talk to your local RMIC Agent today about our Defensive Driving Course Discount!

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