33 Must-Have Items for New Homeowners

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33 Must-Have Items for New Homeowners

Buying a house is a huge deal, but now the time has come to move in and begin to make your house a home. When we think of items we initially need to own a home, of course our minds go straight to new furniture, kitchen accessories, and towels; but as you soon get settled in you discover that there are a lot of essentials we need that tend to get overlooked.

Security Essentials:

  • Motion-sensor lights: These lights are fairly cheap and easy to install, but they also add an extra sense of protection. The motion sensors will light up if there is anything invading or trespassing any area you have them placed.  
  • Window treatments: Install new blinds so your home can be protected inside and out. Also, if you don’t care for blinds in certain rooms, you can purchase privacy film to tint windows so that intruders can’t see directly into your home.
  • New locks: Whenever you get the keys to your new home be sure to swap out the keys and locks for a new set. it is important to get this done quickly since you never know who may still have spares.
  • Security system: One of the most affordable security options is a video doorbell, such as Ring  doorbells. Having any security system in place is a great way to help you feel protected and safe whether you are home or away.
  • Home safe: Keep all your valuable items and important information in a home safe. You will want to ensure that it is both waterproof and fireproof. Some items you might store in your safe include:
    • Birth Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Passports
    • Wills
    • Marriage License

Indoor Essentials:

  • Batteries: Begin to build a stockpile of batteries since you will always need them.
  • Vacuum: Invest in a vacuum that is designed to handle the flooring throughout your home.
  • Plunger: Place a plunger in each bathroom of your home.
  • Mop & Broom: If your home has any hardwood/ tile chances are you will need a mop and broom to help make life easier.
  • Power strips: Power strips are key when you are trying to plug in multiple things. They are a safe alternative to an extension cord and can also help reduce your energy bill. If you are using an extension cord in your home, be sure you’re using them safely
  • Cleaning kit: Our houses tend to get messy a time or two so make a cleaning kit packed with all-purpose cleaner, disinfecting wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, brushes to scrub, etc.
  • Dehumidifier: In places such as basements and common living areas dehumidifiers are nice to help take any unwanted moisture out of your home.

Outdoor Essentials:

  • Door mats: Place these in the entranceways of your home to help keep dirt and muck outside.
  • Hose: If you have a place to store a hose such as a shed or garage invest in one that will give you the length as well as a nozzle.
  • Shovel: If you live where it snows you will absolutely need a snow shovel. However, if you are one who likes to dig or plant in a garden be sure to research the best type of shovel to use since there are various options.
  • Lawn equipment: To keep your lawn tidy you will likely need a lawnmower, gas can, weed trimmer, and a leaf blower.
  • Snowblower: A snowblower can be a lifesaver when it comes to big snowstorms. They can help relieve the burden of shoveling that can become straining over time.
  • Watering can: For smaller projects that won’t need a hose, a watering can is the perfect tool to get the job done.

Multi-Purpose Items:

  • Extension cords: These can be used indoors or outdoors for projects but be sure to use them properly and never use them in place of wiring permanently.
  • Toolbox: Buy a toolbox that is equipped with everything you need such as a hammer, screwdrivers, tape measure, pliers, screws, nails, wrenches, and a utility knife.
  • Portable lights: Have flashlights, battery-powered lights, and headlamps available in case of an outage.
  • Buckets: Even though we never want a leak, a bucket can help catch any water and is also a helpful with cleaning inside and out.
  • Ladder: Ladders will be essential for things like cleaning the gutters or changing lightbulbs. Be sure to use caution on ladders and follow safety guidelines.
  • Tape: There are numerous kinds of tape you may need such as painter’s tape, duct tape, or even electrical tape. Keep a few extra handy in case you ever need them.
  • Glue: Keep any wood, super glue, or multipurpose glue in a drawer in case something ever breaks.
  • Stepstool: For those hard-to-reach places that you don’t necessarily need a ladder for, a stepstool will do just the trick.
  • Shop vac: Shop vacs are great for sucking any excess water, cleaning out your car, or getting any lingering spider webs away from your home.

Safety Must-Haves:

  • First aid kit: Stockpile bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, tweezers, gloves, and a cold compress.
  • Fire extinguisher: Place the fire extinguisher in an easy to get to area and have one on each level, especially your kitchen.
  • Smoke alarms: Smoke alarms are imperative to have in your home. You will need one in each bedroom, outside areas, and every level of your home, especially the basement. Most homes already are equipped with smoke alarms, but it doesn’t hurt to get new ones or check the date to ensure they aren’t over 10 years old and don’t need replacement batteries.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms: Just as important as smoke alarms, you will need to get carbon monoxide alarms too for every level of your home and most importantly in places you sleep.
  • Emergency kit: Weather can be unpredictable so have an emergency kit stowed away in the event of an outage or other weather-related incidents.
  • Safety ladder: If your home is two stories or more, purchase a safety ladder in case of a fire. 

This list can seem very daunting at first, but your home is one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime. It is important to keep it equipped with all the things needed to properly maintain and protect it.

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