10 Helpful Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

10 Helpful Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

1. Drive with daytime or headlights on.

Because you can see, does not mean you are seen. Driving with lights on always reduces your risk of a two vehicle or motorcycle accident by over 10%.

2. ALWAYS turn your headlights on at dusk, fog, rain, snow etc.

Be seen by the other drivers. Why take a chance?

3. Remain in the right lane on multi-lane roads unless passing.

By using the center or right lane on multi-lane roads, you have more “escape avenues” should a need suddenly arise the requires you to quickly change lanes or pull onto a shoulder. Most accidents occur in the left lane of multi-lane highways. In addition, you are more conspicuous to highway patrol if you are in the fast lane.


4. Merge over as soon as possible when your lane is ending.

Many accidents occur when multiple vehicles are trying to merge from two lanes down to one. Be courteous and move over to avoid any potential mishaps.

5. Do not drive distracted.

Using your cell phone while driving increases your likelihood of an accident by 6 times. A recent study indicates that 25% of all automobile accidents involve texting while driving. There are over 3,100 deaths annually from texting and driving.

6. Drive Defensively.

Always expect that others may make a mistake. There are a variety of Defensive Driving Courses available today, some could even result in a discount on your auto insurance rate!

7. Use your turn signal.

Confusion is the enemy of safe driving. Make your lane changes and turns predictable to other drivers. Nationwide, failure to uses or improper turn signals cause over 2 million accidents annually.

turn signal.jpg

8. Keep a steady pace while driving.

Sudden increases and decreases in speed make it difficult for other drivers to anticipate your actions. Utilizing cruise control in good weather conditions can assist in maintaining a consistent speed and normal flow in traffic. Be predictable and avoid surprising anyone around you.

9. Be courteous to other drivers.

Always know who is in front of you, beside you, and behind you while driving down the road. Move right if possible for faster traffic.

10. Stop on Red.

The leading cause of intersection collisions is running a red light. Sometimes it is a lack of attention to the road. Sometimes it is glare from the setting sun. Sometimes it is just being in a hurry. The best practice is to slow down before entering each intersection and evaluate the situation. Never race the yellow light. Look both ways before entering an intersection once your light turns green. Someone may be trying to rush through.

We get it, sometimes even your greatest efforts can't stop an accident from happening. That's why we encourage you to talk with your local Rockford Mutual Insurance Agent today, to make sure you have the right coverage in place to protect yourself and your family from an unforseen event such as a car accident!

We get it, sometimes even your greatest efforts can't stop an accident from happening. Talk with your local RMIC Insurance Agent today, to make sure you have the right protection on the road!

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