5 Grass Growing Tips for Every Homeowner

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5 Grass Growing Tips for Every Homeowner

Spring is in the air and many homeowners have already busted out their yardwork tools! Unlike many household to-do’s, there are plenty of people who actually enjoy yardwork and maintaining their home’s curb appeal.

Achieving a luscious green yard is a crucial element of having great curb appeal, here are some things you can try to improve your lawn:

1. Overseed

Overseeding your lawn helps to thicken it by sowing new seed into existing grass. New grass will grow in between what’s already there, creating a thicker, lusher feel and look. Fall and spring are the best times for overseeding cool-season northern lawns, while thin warm-season southern lawns are best seeded in late spring.

2. Fertilize

Your grass needs nutrients just like any other plant. Rainfall and irrigation often leach away the nutrients within soil, so regular fertilization is key throughout the growing season to promote healthy growth. Using a starter fertilizer before you seed your lawn will help promote root growth for the fast establishment of new grass!

3. Control Weeds

The more weeds you have, the less sunlight, water and nutrients your grass receives. Controlling weeds helps make sure that your grass is the only thing drawing up all of the resources Mother Nature has to offer!

Typically early fall is the best time to kill weeds, however, many homeowners work to keep them at bay all year round. For established lawns, a pre-emergent herbicide applied before weeds appear in spring helps put your lawn on track to thicker, lusher growth. Just remember, never use pre-emergent weed products when overseeding your lawn because they keep all seeds, including grass, from germinating and emerging properly. You can also pull and spot-on-spray stubborn weeds that may not be completely taking over your lawn.

4. Mow Properly

Believe it or not, how you mow has a lot to do with how healthy your grass is. Rather than mowing on a certain day of the week, pay attention to when your grass actually needs to be mowed. Mow frequently enough to maintain your grass type at its recommended mowing height without removing more than one-third of the height in a single mowing. Doing so will help you avoid a thin, unattractive lawn.

Mower blades can also wreak havoc on your lawn if they become dull, so be sure to keep them well maintained. A dull blade will tear your grass, making it more susceptible to insect pests and lawn diseases which will stop your lawn from growing lusciously. Also try to switch your mowing pattern regularly. This helps the grass keep straight and thick.

5. Irrigate

A healthy and luscious lawn needs adequate water to keep it thick and strong. Once a lawn is fairly established, it needs abut 1 inch of water/week. The water can come from Mother Nature, or perhaps your irrigation system. A sophiscated irrigation system encourages deep root growth, making it easier to achieve a thick lawn. Whatever the source, just make sure you’re keeping your lawn hydrated!

Your lawn is just one element of your curb appeal. Check out these curb appeal ideas for reducing cooling costs in the summer!  

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