5 Dangerous Mistakes Drivers Make in Work Zones

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5 Dangerous Mistakes Drivers Make in Work Zones

There are numerous fatalities linked to work zones each year. Many injuries and deaths are linked to drivers and passengers – not just workers. It is everyone’s responsibility to use extreme caution when driving through work zones, drivers need to pay close attention and avoid making these dangerous mistakes:

Distracted Driving:

Keeping your eyes on the road is imperative whether you are in a work zone or not. Please try to limit your distractions while driving such as cellphone use, eating, etc. Distracted driving is a huge crisis and it has become one of the leading causes of crashes on the highway. Check out these tips to avoid distracted driving.

Following too Closely:

Rear-end collisions are incidents that happen too often in work zones. Many drivers are either driving too close to the car in front of them or driving too fast and can’t slow down fast enough to avoid hitting the car ahead of them. While in work zones, follow the speed limit and give yourself plenty of space.

Improper Lane Changes:

Failing to follow the lane instructions while in a work zone puts you at great risk. If you are in a work zone and absolutely need to make a lane change – use extreme caution and try the “Take 10” technique.  

The “Take 10” technique involves putting on your turn signal at least three seconds before starting a lane change and using at least seven seconds to complete the lane change, looking at your mirrors throughout. Most mistakes are made when drivers try to change lanes too quickly or forcefully.

Unsafe Speed:

Traveling at an unsafe speed through a work zone increases your chances of injuring yourself or someone else. You shouldn’t resume your normal driving speed until it is indicated safe or clear to do so.

Speeding puts you in a position to get a ticket, fine, receiving points against your driving record, and in more serious circumstances it could be charged as a crime and you may face jail time or have to do community service.

Failing to Follow Signs:

Many drivers fail to follow the signage in work zones. These signs are something to pay close attention to and are useful in navigating the altered roadway.

Construction signs help make you aware of multiple things such as:

  • when a work zone begins and ends
  • when a new speed limit is in/out of effect
  • “Men at Work” indicating the work zone is active  
  • construction workers directing traffic such as “Slow or Stop”

Although work zones seem like a huge inconvenience, they are a necessity to improve the roadway systems. For the safety of yourself, the workers, and their families, please follow construction signs and lower your speed.

Whether driving in the city or in a work zone, drivers should always prepare for the unexpected. Learn more about our Auto Insurance to achieve true peace of mind on any journey you take.

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