Sun Rays & Vehicle Damage: Protecting Your Ride

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Sun Rays & Vehicle Damage: Protecting Your Ride

When it comes to the sun, our cars need protection just about as much as we do. Sun damage can occur from our cars being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. The sun causes our cars to get extremely hot from the inside and out, which can cause damage to your vehicle over time. So, here are some easy tips on how to protect your car’s interior, exterior, and under the hood.


Sun damage on the exterior of your car is easy to spot since it starts to damage the paint. The UV rays from the sun cause the paint on your car to fade, peel, or have a blotchy look.

  1. Wash your car more frequently: One of the most effective ways to avoid this from happening is to wash and dry your car a little more often. This allows the dirt and film particles to be washed away so that it can’t begin to fade.
  2. Shade is your friend: One of the easiest options that doesn’t require much is parking your car in the shade. Whether it be by a nice big tree or in a garage, doing this simple trick will be one of the easiest ways you can protect your vehicle.
  3. Wax your car:  A wax is another way to protect your vehicle because the wax acts as another coat to help protect and shield your car from the ultraviolet rays. Washing your car just isn’t enough sometimes to help protect the car from the possible damage of the sun, so the wax provides another level of protection to help shield it from the UV rays. It is also recommended you do this twice a year to help lock in the natural oils of the paint.
  4. Perform routine tire checks: Underinflated tires are more inclined to pop during the hotter temperatures. So, to avoid a potential tire blowout it is important to check your tire pressure more often during the hotter months.


Sun damage on the interior of your vehicle may be more difficult to notice, but it can certainly take its toll on your upholstery and more.

  1. Install Windshield Protectors: Your car can become very hot inside, so a windshield protector is the perfect option to reduce some of the heat and direct sunlight that is able to get in the car. It will help protect your dashboard and steering wheel from becoming too warm as well as reducing the overall temperature of your car.
  2. Clean the inside: It is as important to clean the inside of your car as it is the outside. Dust can begin to build up which can be a pain to clean, and along with it the heat from the sun can cause the inside to get extremely dry which can cause cracks on your dashboard and seats. Using a cleaner meant for the inside of your car will help maintain your cars upholstery.
  3. Crack the windows: Cracking your windows is the least expensive way to cool off the inside of your car. The car will still be fairly warm, but by allowing the air to travel throughout the car windows it can help make a difference on the internal temperature.

Under the hood:

Extreme heat and cold can be stressful on various car parts and functionalities as well.

  1. Fluid levels: The fluid in your car gets used up a lot quicker when it is warm out, so do a quick check to make sure that you have enough transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and motor oil to ensure that your car will be able to continue to run smoothly.  
  2. Battery check: The summer and winter can both take a toll on your vehicle’s battery. However, during the summer your car tends to require a lot more due to the constant use of the air conditioning system. Getting your battery checked out avoids the possibility of your car not starting which is an issue we all would like to avoid.
  3. Cooling system: Your cooling system does exactly what it sounds like, it helps keep your car regulated and cool enough to operate. Checking to make sure your fan belt and coolant levels are at a good level and operating smoothly will help save your car from potentially overheating. 
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