Insurance 101: What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

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Insurance 101: What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents still play a very important role in helping consumers find a policy that meets their needs. When you get a quote online, and confirm your policy with no human interaction whatsoever, do you think that policy has your best interest in mind? Or, possibly any of your interests at all?

This is the true benefit of working with an insurance agent. Having someone who’s on your side, to make sure you’ve got the coverages you need, is what matters most should you experience a claim.

What is an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent Insurance Agents are those who are contracted to work with a variety of insurance companies and can sell policies from multiple providers. In contrast, captive agents are those who are contracted to work for one insurance company and can sell only that company’s policies.

What are the benefits of using an Independent Agent?

  • Independent Agents have extensive knowledge and expertise in regard to the insurance products available on the market today.
  • Independent Agents know their customers and build a relationship with them, recommending coverages based on their unique circumstances.
  • Independent Agents offer a wide array of options, giving consumers a wider price range.

How Can I Find an Independent Agent?

Rockford Mutual provides our very own Agent Locator to help consumers find an Independent Insurance Agent that offers our products. Simply type in your zip code, select an agent near you, fill out a quote request form and our agent will reach out to you to provide a free personalized quote!  

Looking for an agent who you can rely on? Look no further, click the button below:

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