6 Ways to Protect Your Job Site from Vandalism

6 Ways to Protect Your Job Site from Vandalism

Some construction sites can be an easy target for thieves – and you don’t want it to be yours! With quality construction tools and equipment, opportunistic thieves may try to break in and sell stolen goods swiftly.

Every job site is different, and some may require more reinforcement than others. Depending on your project and the location, you may consider the following security tips:

1. Signage

Placing signage on all aspects of the property should be standard protocol. The signs should indicate something along the lines of “No trespassing, violators will be prosecuted”, or a similar message to indicate the seriousness placed around job-site security.

2. Placement of Equipment & Tools

Heavy equipment and machines should be parked in plain view to keep people from tampering with them. Cables, locks, and heavy-duty chains should be used to secure equipment like trailers, scaffolding, and ladders. You can add an extra layer of security by storing some of your items in a room within the building that you can lock. Another option for added security is a portable storage container.

3. Lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest means to deter thieves. For the best results, you should light the job site as early as possible with both interior and exterior lighting. Installing temporary lighting outside of the building on the roof pointed downwards, and pigtails inside of the building are well worth your while.

4. Video Surveillance Systems

Security cameras are great for both prevention and recovery should a loss occur. You can find battery- and solar-powered options equipped with night vision technology to offer 24/7 coverage. With a live feed available at any remote location, security cameras are an essential tool on the job site.

5. GPS Tracking

There is great value in equipping high value items with GPS tracking systems. There are a variety of features and options available, but above all, these systems help tremendously with recovering stolen property. Some benefits include:

  • Units are often weatherproof.
  • GPS devices can be placed in cargo or packages for personal tracking. 
  • Units are becoming more affordable.
  • Tracking in real time, with theft recovery from your computer or smartphone, is available.
  • Hard-wired and battery options are available. Some batteries have a 5-year life. A sleep mode helps extend battery life.

6.Talk to the Local Police

It never hurts to ask if the night duty officer on patrol could drive by the site when they are able. They are likely to be very accommodating and helpful with your request.

With all of the hard work you put into each and every project, it’s important to protect your assets as best you can. Do you know the four insurance coverages every contractor should consider for optimal protection? Check that out, click here.

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