5 Rewarding Career Paths in Insurance for Young Professionals

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5 Rewarding Career Paths in Insurance for Young Professionals

As children, many of us dreamed of becoming a doctor, a musician, a star athlete, or maybe even the President of the United States! It was hard to imagine doing something that didn’t seem extraordinary. Well, now that you’re an adult, I can assure you a career path in insurance is indeed an extraordinary and rewarding path to choose.

No matter what position you hold in insurance, one thing will always remain the same, your impact on the community. Insurance was created to help people, to protect them from destruction and put them back on their feet. Any position carried in insurance means that you are putting forth an effort to help someone, every single day.

Contrary to the belief of many, there are various opportunities in insurance outside of becoming an agent. Agents and salespeople are the face of many insurance agencies, this is who you talk to about opening a new policy, and we couldn’t do it without them! But, if sales isn’t your thing, maybe one of these career paths is: 

1. Social Media Marketer

If you’ve got a creative mind, Social Media Marketing might be a good fit for you. Marketing has always been, and will always be, a vital role in insurance. Social Media has completely changed the way insurance companies can advertise their products, with about 77% of Americans active on Social Media across the U.S. as of 2018.

A Social Media Marketer is responsible for a number of tasks, such as creating content, scheduling that content, engaging with others on social media, reporting data analytics, running social advertisements and more. If you’re interested in this type of work, Hootsuite, a social media management tool, offers an official Social Media Marketing Certification to help you enter the field with confidence!

2. Actuary

If statistics and data spike your interest, then this might be a good direction for you. Actuaries are responsible for analyzing statistics to forecast risk and liability. They utilize crucial information to establish rates and premiums for insurance policies. The Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society both have professional level classes and exams for people interested in this field.  

3. Auto Insurance Adjuster

If you like working with cars, but don’t want to spend too much time at a desk, becoming an auto insurance adjuster might be right for you. Adjusters evaluate vehicle damage and estimate repair costs for customers who have been in an accident. Although state laws vary, many states require you pass a licensing exam to work as an auto insurance adjuster. You might also benefit from experience working in the automotive field.

4. Claims Representative

If you’re outgoing and enjoy helping people in their time of need, you might consider becoming a claims representative. Claims representatives work as the main point of contact for individuals who need to file a claim. They guide customers through the claims process, assessing their validity and value. You can get a kickstart in this field by obtaining an AIC Designation (Associate in Claims) from a Property & Casualty educator such as The Institutes.

5. Software Developer

If you love solving problems and working behind the scenes to guarantee all the technical pieces fit together, following a career path in the insurance industry as a software developer may bring forth many opportunities for you. With technological advances in the midst of our industry every day, it is vital to keep up with customer expectations.

For a young professional, a career in insurance offers stability as well as an opportunity to learn, grow, and challenge yourself every day. The possibilities are endless!

Although many insurance companies may require a Bachelor’s degree as a condition of employment, various designations, certifications and experience can help get you noticed in the industry. It’s never to late to give an internship a try as a way to not only gain experience, but to see what area suits you most as an individual.

Are you interested in an insurance career? Check out some of our career opportunities at Rockford Mutual or contact our HR Department at 815.489.3182!

Amy Casey
Social Media & Communications Specialist
Amy joined Rockford Mutual in January of 2017 with an Associates Degree in Marketing. Amy has a great understanding of insurance in general as she has obtained her Associate in General Insurance designation.