6 Ways to Create a Winter Sanctuary in Your Home

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6 Ways to Create a Winter Sanctuary in Your Home

We all know winter can be very cold - freezing temperatures and snowy days can make your home feel dull and empty. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way for long with a little home transformation! These simple tips can make your home cozy and inviting in no time:

1. Add Lighting to Create Warmth:

Lights not only help you see things better, but they also create a warm and inviting feeling in places of your home that may not receive the most natural light. Adding different light elements such as textured lamps, fairy lights, even creative LED lights scattered in places around your home or in mason jars can add a rustic feel throughout.

The best lights for this time of year (especially around the holidays) are multi-colored lights. You can put these lights all over your home such as the windows, fireplace mantels, door frames, or the along the ceiling. These lights will add warmth and also help get you in the holiday spirit. Just be sure to keep them away from décor and any other flammable materials to be on the safe side.

2. Add Texture:

Incorporating different textures like fluffy pillows, soft throw blankets, faux fur rugs, and different fabric textures within your home will make it feel warm and cozy. If you have hardwood floors, try adding different area rugs throughout the home. Thicker curtains or drapes are another way to keep the heat in and the cold out while also giving your home a warmer textured look.

3. Add Wall Décor & Mirrors:

 Adding wall décor or mirrors to bare walls will help add visual weight to the interior of your home. The type and style of wall décor you choose can also help determine the tone of the room and how it feels overall. Adding gold elements and mirrors will help brighten the room and add balance for a softer feel. 

4. Add Fire and Wood Elements:

Fire and wood are great elements to winterize your space. If you have a fireplace in your home, it is the perfect time to utilize it. Not only is it a great focal point, but it can help heat the space while also creating a relaxing and inviting space. Wood accents add a rustic feel and make the home warm and cozy. Be sure to read our posts on chimney maintenance and safety tips for using wood burning stoves to keep your home safe as well.

5. Add Seasonal Scents:

Adding scents through your home not only makes it smell pleasant all the time, but it can help add ambiance and bring in a relaxing feel. Most people change their scents with the different seasons; such as floral springy smells in warmer weather, pumpkin and autumn scents for the fall, and in the winter, most go for a pine, cedar, or a clove fragrance.

6. Add Greenery

Plants and greenery not only act as an added visual piece in your home, they do much more than that. Adding plants can help increase the oxygen levels in your home, purify the air, and can be a great stress reducer. Plants can add life to your home by giving it a refreshing feel.

The winter is a great time to snuggle up in your home and enjoy each other’s company, but it can be cold and lonely without some much-needed touches to make your home cozy. Winter doesn’t have to be dark and dull it can be very warm and bright with the right touches!


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