Some people live in the same home their entire lives, others prefer a change of scenery. Either way, when the time comes to move it can be overwhelming. Years of furniture, kitchen gadgets and linens packed tight into what seems like hundreds of boxes – where do you start? How do you stay organized? We’ve got some tips for you:

  1. Put any furniture/larger items in place: Items such as your furniture, appliances, area rugs, etc. should be what you decide to tackle first while everything is out of the way. This allows you to adjust the way they are positioned and see different layouts to make sure it will be up to your liking. 
  2. Have things sorted by room: If you organize the boxes by rooms it can make unpacking a breeze since you know exactly where everything is already supposed to be and it will also make it a lot quicker since you don’t have to decide where to put things. For example, you could color code the boxes with a sticky note or you could simply just put which room it belongs to on the box so that it’s very easy to see when unloading. 
  3. Prioritize which rooms to unpack first: It’s only human to want to be done with unpacking before we even actually start it. However, we can only start with one thing at a time. This is where deciding which rooms need to be unpacked first will come in handy because it can’t all be done at once. The rooms that tend to be on the top of the list are bedrooms, bathrooms, and/or kitchen. These are the rooms that tend to get used the most, so they deserve the most attention. 
  4. Get rid of the clutter: As you are moving or going through things to pack. Take some time to really go through what you have and decide what you really need. If you haven’t used it in the last couple months, it may be time to let it go. The more things you decide to pack will also be more that you will have to put away. Get rid of the old things in order to make room for the new.
  5. Create a schedule: Unpacking can take weeks or even months before you finally feel all settled, that's why a schedule is so essential. Before you start to unpack, create a realistic timeline on what days you will unpack and which rooms you will do first. If you create a schedule, you’ll be able to have a realistic idea of how long you will allow yourself to get everything done. A schedule will help you stay on task so that you just don’t jump from box to box. 

With a bit of preparation and planning, unpacking into your new home can be easy peasy. While you’re unpacking, it might be the perfect time to jot down some of your belongings to add to your Home Inventory List!

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Shamara Glover
Marketing Assistant
Shamara joined Rockford Mutual in November of 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris University in Chicago.