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It’s already hard enough trying to decide on what type of traditional car you should buy, now just imagine trying to decide between an electric or hybrid vehicle. The choice between a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle has been one that many consumers have started to consider since they are more environmentally friendly. But which one is the best choice for you? 

Electric Cars


  • Electric cars require low maintenance costs due to their design, and they also offer cheap electric charging options which can be used from the comfort of your home. 
  • The electric cars that run solely on electric are very energy efficient, they can help reduce your carbon footprint and drastically reduce emissions. 
  • Even though it does cost a pretty penny to own one, you could begin to reap the benefits with a rebate from the government.  


  • Fully electric vehicles are more expensive than hybrid vehicles.
  • It can take nearly 12 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle depending on the model.
  • Lower travel availability is what often makes people turn the other way when considering the switch to an electric car. These vehicles can’t travel as far as a hybrid before needing to be recharged and the charging can take quite some time. This makes it harder to travel far distances, especially because charging stations can be scarce.  

Hybrid Cars


  • Hybrids can switch from electric to fuel-power. 
  • These vehicles are a more cost effective choice when it comes to paying for gas since some of the models can get as much as 50 MPG. 
  • There are incentives you can receive from owning this type of vehicle, including rebates or federal tax credit (depending on the state). 
  • Hybrids come equipped with regenerative braking which allows drivers to use less fuel and help to keep brakes in good condition longer.  


  • Not all mechanics carry the same equipment so the knowledge on how to properly work on hybrid vehicles isn’t always available. 
  • It runs on both fuel and electricity, so it does still release harmful emissions into the environment.
  • Hybrids aren’t designed for performance, they are built for fuel economy; therefor,  they don’t accelerate as efficiently as some people would like.  

Traditional, electric, hybrid – the decision of what you drive on the road is yours and yours alone. Each type of vehicle has a give and a take, but one of them is sure to benefit your lifestyle more than others.  

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Shamara Glover
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