Controlling Public Access to Employee-Only Spaces

Controlling Public Access to Employee-Only Spaces

There are certain steps and precautions that can be made to prevent the event of public access to an employee-only area. The reason why these areas should be limited to employee access only is to avoid any injuries, accidents, or risk of security breaches that could occur if someone from the public was to gain entry.

Common Breaches

Individuals can access employee-only spaces in a number of ways if they aren’t properly safeguarded, so it is imperative to train employees on what to look for. An annual employee training session is a great way to keep these tactics fresh in their minds and it’s a great way to stay on top of new strategies that could come about over the course of time. The most common security breaches happen by:

  1. Tailgating an employee after they have gained entry
  2. Convincing an employee that they are ok to have access
  3. Stealing an employee’s key fob or card
  4. Hacking the keypad or smart key

The Risks Involved

  1. Compromising the safety of employees
  2. Theft of products or merchandise
  3. Damage to property or equipment
  4. Exposure to hazardous materials
  5. Injuries such as falls, trips, and slips
  6. Security breach to sensitive information or private documents

Breach Prevention Tips

  1. Ensure there is proper signage that indicates the area is for “employee access only”
  2. Implement cameras both inside and outside these restricted areas
  3. Use extra security features on the area such as a special key, passcode for a keypad, or a scannable key fob or card
  4. Continuously train employees on security protocols
    As a businessowner, you strive to keep your employees and your customers safe. Should a breach occur, it’s important to make sure you have sensitive and confidential information protected from further misuse. Learn more about cyber threats and best practices, on our At Work blog!
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