5 Tips to Stay Organized on Your Next Road Trip

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5 Tips to Stay Organized on Your Next Road Trip

Traveling is a great opportunity to get away, unwind, and most of all, RELAX! However, traveling on the road can be hectic if you don’t stay somewhat organized. These tips will help you cruise on with one less thing to worry about:


  1. Clean out your car: Cleaning out your car or trailer is the first rule of the thumb for any road trip. A clean car will get rid of all the extra clutter and create more space for the things you will need to take with you. It also wouldn’t hurt to vacuum and wipe down the windows in addition to picking up any trash there may be.  


  2. Use racks: There are a variety of racks that can be used on your vehicle for traveling. They are typically placed on the top and/or the front or back of your car/trailer. Racks can be used to hold extra baggage, bicycles, kayaks, and cargo boxes. They are a good way to create more space on the inside of your vehicle without limiting all of the things you may need. Be sure to check the recommended weight restrictions that your car had to avoid any potential issues. 


  3. Placement is key: Everything you need to take with you on your road trip will need a place in the vehicle/trailer of course. It’s important to take the time to stow everything before you hit the road. Place the items you will need most towards the front of the trunk while tucking away the things you won’t need as much towards the back. It is a good idea to make sure that snacks, drinks, toys, chargers, pillows, etc. are easily accessible while you are traveling, that way you avoid any additional stops (besides the much-needed restroom breaks!).  


  4. Don’t overpack: Overpacking will make finding a place to put everything a headache. When it comes to your luggage make sure that you only bring what you need. If you’re planning a quick overnight stay on the way, consider packing a smaller bag separate from the larger luggage you may have so you won’t have to haul your entire suitcase just for one night.  


  5. Plastic bags: Keep plastic bags under the seat or in the back/front of the vehicle. Plastic bags are the best for storing any trash accumulated along the way and when you do make a stop you can easily throw it away. Plastic bags can also be used to keep your clean clothes away from the dirty ones. Once you have worn an outfit simply throw it in the bag, that way you won’t have to store it in your bag with the clean clothes you haven’t used yet.  

    Staying organized will easily make your road trip more enjoyable, not to mention you'll have access to what you want when you need it! 

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