5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Hotel Guest Experience

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Hotel Guest Experience

Every hotel thrives on returning business and great reviews. Meeting and exceeding your guests’ expectations is a golden standard in the hospitality industry because it makes the greatest impact on your business. It’s great practice to evaluate and improve the guest experience as often as you can.

Here are some quick, easy, and inexpensive tips to improve the hotel guest experience:

  1. Send a pre-arrival email. Guests will appreciate the effort of sending a pre-arrival email that can make their arrival and check-in process smoother. Not all guests will take advantage, but those that do will have a good first impression of your hotel.
  2. Provide free and fast Wi-Fi. Having dependable, fast Wi-Fi is crucial for hotels. It is an expectation for most guests, and they may stay somewhere else if Wi-Fi isn’t available. Whether you offer Wi-Fi in a single room or each individual room, make sure guests are aware of its availability, passwords, etc.
  3. Celebrate special occasions. Go the extra mile by adding an extra touch for guests visiting your hotel because of a special occasion. Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are all great occasions to make an impression on your guests. Unsure? Make it a point for staff to ask if there will be a special celebration during their stay at check-in! Leaving a small token of celebration, like a box of chocolates or a café gift certificate is a nice touch that is easy to do.
  4. Housekeeping refusal rewards. More guests are environmentally conscious than ever before and would gladly refuse their sheets and towels be changed each day of their stay.  It’s a great idea to offer a way for guests to refuse housekeeping. If they do refuse, you could offer a free treat in exchange for the saved laundry and labor! It’s a win-win for you and your guests. 
  5. Provide a welcome book. Wow your guests with a welcome book overviewing your hotel, the area surrounding the hotel, recommendations on local restaurants and shops, and some of the history there is to offer. Guests will feel welcomed and confident on their adventures during their stay and look at your hotel as a trusted source during their travels.

There are many things you can do to improve your hotel guest experience. Get creative, meet with your team, and bring your ideas to life! Your guests will notice all the extra effort.

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