5 Crucial Work Zone Safety Considerations

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5 Crucial Work Zone Safety Considerations

We often hear about driver’s safety awareness when discussing work zones, but there are several techniques workers’ should enforce as well to ensure their safety on the job:

1. Wear Safety Equipment:

Wearing the right safety gear is often required on the job site. Safety equipment should be worn at all times inside any work zone. The safety equipment used should adhere to the American National Standard Institute, which is broken up into three different classes based on the different tasks and areas that the workers are operating in.  Safety gear can include the following:

  • Steel-toed boots
  • Bright fluorescent vests
  • Hard hats
  • Safety goggles
  • Ear plugs

2. Make Safety a Priority:

Safety should be the number one priority in any work zone. It is important to keep everyone aware of how to stay safe, and to make sure that rules are followed at all times. You can increase awareness by holding safety meetings each month to reiterate the necessity of why safety is a priority. If you consistently explain and inform workers about the importance of safety, it will remain top-of-mind on the job.

3. Avoid Blind Spots:

If you can’t see them there is a high chance they can’t see you. Blind spots are particularly important in work zones since there is constant activity and movement. Be aware of any hazard areas, moving construction equipment, and vehicles to avoid any blind spots. Keeping a clear sight line and using good communication between you and the operators will help avoid any potential incidents.

4. Stay Hydrated:

Extreme heat can be exhausting and take a lot of energy out of anyone when exposed for long periods of time. Working in the heat and sun can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, or a sunstroke. To avoid these dangers, it’s key to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids, and to take breaks away from the sun whenever possible.

5. Give Proper Warning:

Give proper warning by displaying proper warning signs and signals that will alert drivers of any upcoming traffic changes, lane closures, and where the work zone area begins and ends. The work zone area should be marked with cones or enclosed to block off any oncoming traffic and to create a buffer from ongoing traffic.

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