Rockford Express

In January of 2017 we launched the Rockford Express System for home and auto insurance. In order to compete in todays insurance environment, we needed to move from our legacy systems to a more robust system. We did so in Rockford Express, a web-based rating, underwriting and issuance system that creates greater efficiencies for our agents and Rockford Mutual Insurance Company to do business.

During the fall of 2017, we added several of our commercial lines to Rockford Express as well to create an ease of doing commercial business with us by Independent Insurance Agents. In addition, Rockford Express is a Policy, Billing and Claims Administration system that helps us better serve our agents and their policyholders.

With the advent of Rockford Express we are capable of being more flexible and responsive in the marketplace. This is a win for Policyholders, Agents and Rockford Mutual Insurance Company.