Covid-19 resources for our business policyholders

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. As of 8:00 a.m. Thursday, April 02 the U.S. had 240,344 reported cases and 5,807 deaths. There’s no doubt that these numbers will continue to rise in upcoming months. Rockford Mutual is here for you and your business through these unprecedented times, providing the information and support you need to keep the lights on.

As this novel virus continues to spread, it is becoming vitally important for businessowners to have procedures in place that address:

  • Epidemic Control
  • Working or Staying At Home
  • Workplace Control

We understand that developing these types of compliant procedures may seem like a daunting task for your business. Fortunately, with a Business Policy from Rockford Mutual, you have free access to a risk management website,, that is run by The McCalmon Group.

The McCalmon Group has developed a model policy, entitled Disease/Epidemic Control. This model policy can be a great starting point for businesses who are struggling to put a policy together. Keep in mind that this is a sample policy only and should be reviewed by your local counsel to ensure it complies with the complicated mix of local and state regulations.


Businesses insured with Rockford Mutual have access to This site holds an array of model policies and guidance for businesses. If you have not yet registered for this site, contact your local Rockford Mutual Agent to provide you with your new login credentials. Once you log in, you can find a variety of relevant sample policies by selecting the following options: Knowledge Vault > Model Policies > Disease/Epidemic Control.

Another great resource included on this site includes the guidance available for handling workplace issues, including these articles, in the Knowledge Vault > Article Library > March 2020:

  • How Can Managers Help Prevent Coronavirus in the Workplace?
  • Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst: Coronavirus and the Workplace (podcast)
  • Epidemics and Employment Risk Issues

If you need assistance in accessing the Workplace Risk Solutions website, feel free to contact Rockford Mutual’s Risk Solution experts at 888.712.7667. Our legal hotline is also a great resource if you have COVID-19 employment-related questions. The Hotline number is 800.259.5589.

Rockford Mutual is committed to servicing you and providing you with the guidance you need to navigate this ever-changing environment.