Understanding Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

As a businessowner, you understand there are just some risks you can’t afford to retain on your own. If your business is sued by an employee for discrimination or harassment, the legal costs involved can be quite substantial.

Cybercrime: Most Common Threats Businessowners Face

It’s unnerving to think that by 2021 global cybercrime is predicted to reach $6 trillion annually.

Contractors 101: Protecting Your Equipment & Tools

Perhaps one of your greatest assets as a contractor, aside from your many years of experience in the field, are your tools. You rely on your tools every day to help you get the job done and without, them some jobs might need to be put on hold, costing your business money.

5 Types of Business Insurance You Might Need

As a business owner, you’ve probably got very little time to worry about “what could happen”. You’re focused on the now, from revenue to inventory to staffing, the list goes on! You’ve got plenty of items on that list, and obtaining the proper insurance coverage might not be at the top of it.