Commercial Auto

Rockford Mutual provides coverage for business owner’s commercial vehicles as well as farm vehicles. These vehicles would include but would not be limited to the following:

  • contractor’s vans,
  • pickups, and small dump trucks used specifically in the business,
  • business owner’s vehicles,
  • trailers (not semi),
  • farm semis & trailers exclusively hauling farm commodities from farm to market not exceeding a distance of 250 miles,
  • funeral directors limousines, hearses, and flower cars,
  • private passenger cars titled in the business name.

We protect you for bodily injury and/or property damage for which you become legally responsible because of an accident. We pay medical services sustained by you or any people injured in your vehicle due to a covered loss. Your coverage with us also pays legally collectible damages if an uninsured or underinsured motoristinjures you or any person riding in your car. We can also pay for physical damage to your automobile resulting from collision or upset (Collision) as well as losses such as theft, impact with an animal, or hail damage (Comprehensive).

We also offer optional coverages for the following:

  • rental reimbursement; audio, visual, and data electronic equipment,
  • hired automobiles-for automobiles hired, loaned, or leased to the named insured,
  • non-ownership liability-liability protection to the named insured for autos owned by employees or partners or members of a limited liability company or members of their household but only while used in the insured’s business or insured’s personal affairs,
  • auto loan/lease gap coverage,
  • towing and labor costs for private passenger autos only,
  • drive other car coverage-add family drive other car liability coverage when the named insured is not shown as an individual named insured on the policy.